Is Your Heat Pump Faltering?

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Don't shiver through the winter months. Turn to Salyers Heating & Air for heat pump repair work in Wilton, Elk Grove, CA or the nearby area. We'll keep your heat pump running efficiently all year long.

If your heat pump is making loud noises or failing to heat or cool your home, you should contact a professional. Schedule a heat pump repair appointment by calling 916-900-6287 right away.

3 benefits of a heat pump installation

3 benefits of a heat pump installation

Is it time to replace your heat pump? Should you upgrade your home's HVAC system by scheduling a heat pump installation? Heat pumps are...

  1. More energy-efficient: Heat pumps use energy better than other types of heating and cooling services.
  2. Twice as useful: They don't just heat your home-they cool it, too!
  3. Safer than fuel-based heaters: Propane and gas furnaces carry a small risk of explosion and CO2 poisoning.

Salyers Heating & Air provides packaged unit heat pump installation services in Wilton, Elk Grove, CA and the surrounding area.