Are You Overworking Your AC?

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Is a hot attic working against your home's cooling system? Salyers Heating & Air offers home ventilation installation services in Wilton, Elk Grove, CA and the nearby area. We use QuietCool whole-house fans, as they're quiet, energy-efficient and powerful.

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A sealed home doesn't need to be a stuffy home

A sealed home doesn't need to be a stuffy home

A well-sealed home prevents costly drafts, but it also prevents traditional air circulation. This allows moisture to build up inside your home, leading to dampness and the accumulation of harmful chemicals.

Salyers Heating & Air provides a range of ventilation systems to keep your home's air supply fresh and safe. Turn to us for a...

  • Bathroom fan installation. Prevent mildew and condensation in your bathroom with a ceiling ventilation unit.
  • HRV installation. Purify stale, damp and polluted air with a heat-recovery ventilator.
  • Whole-house fan installation. Circulate air throughout your home, from attic to basement.

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